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Land Management
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2000 Financial Report

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Corner of South and West Streets
Photo by Midge Eliassen

Land Management

With money from a grant by the Fields Pond Foundation, CCF has contracted with Frances Clark of Carex Associates to draw up a management plan for Spencer Brook Reservation. The plan will include descriptions and plant lists for the different community types: field, successional edges, mature deciduous forest, wet meadow/shrub swamp, and red maple swamp and marsh.
The 31.5 acres of conservation land is accessed by a trail from South Street, just beyond the corner of West Street.

Eunice Knight

Community Preservation Act

With the passage of the Massachusetts Community Preservation Act, Carlisle now has the opportunity to establish a funding mechanism for the acquisition of open space, historic sites, land for recreation and community housing. The Carlisle Conservation Foundation looks forward to working with town groups on programs which simultaneously provide for recreation facilities, affordable housing and open space.
If approved by voters at town meeting and then at a town- wide election, a surcharge would be added to real estate taxes and all funds collected would be matched by funds from the state. Since this legislation will be on the town warrant and ballot next spring, we urge all residents to participate in any upcoming discussions held by town boards and the selectmen.

Barney Arnold

2000 Financial Report

In the first eleven months of 2000, the Carlisle Conservation Foundation has received donations and dues of $68,466.07 and earned interest income of $2,441.77. Gifts of $51,126.07 were designated for helping the Commonwealth of Massachusetts acquire two building lots adjacent to the Great Brook State Park in Carlisle. Year to date expenses in 2000 are $119,551.08. CCF incurred expenses of $95,600.00 in connection with the Great Brook transaction. Other engineering and legal fees related to obtaining land and conservation restrictions were $10,525.66. Accounting, legal and miscellaneous expenses were $13,425.42. A complete financial statement is available.
Fontaine K. Richardson, Treasurer.