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December, 1998

Dear Friends,

As this year draws to a close we feel both pleased and worried. We are pleased with the accomplishments of the Carlisle Conservation Foundation (CCF) yet worried that we are still not doing enough to preserve open space in our town.

How satisfying it is to know that the 129 acres of the O’Rourke farm on Maple Street will soon be open to the public to enjoy its beautiful fields and woodlands! The Carlisle Conservation Foundation vigorously supported the Selectmen in their work to purchase this land at the town’s request, and helped them successfully conclude reselling this land to the Fish and Wildlife Service where it will now become part of Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.

How much we appreciate the partnership with The Trustees of Reservations which enabled us to negotiate an unusual joint ownership of conservation land adjoining Malcolm Meadows on Steams Street! Thanks to the persistent efforts of Eunice Knight and Betsy Fell of our board, we received federal and foundation funds to make possible a handicapped accessible trail which allows easy access to Two Rod Road and the Estabrook Woods.

Yet every week we read about another proposed development in town and know that we need to do even more we want to preserve the rural quality of life in Carlisle. We cannot hope to have CCF purchase directly or to have the town purchase all the remaining open space, but we can and do hope to have the resources to play a role in negotiating for alternatives to unlimited development.

We need your support to continue. One of the challenges we face is not knowing exactly what and when funds may be needed. For example, when a parcel is removed from Chapter 61 or 61a property classification for forest and agricultural land, we need to have money in the bank to respond immediately. When we are offered property by a landowner, we need funds to pay for surveys and legal fees. We know that the pressure to develop continues to grow, and that we need to have more money in hand to play a proactive role in protecting the farmland and woods, the trails and vistas that make this such a special place to live.

Like us you probably receive many fundraising appeals every week. This is not the usual direct mail piece from some faceless individual pitching a distant cause. We are your neighbors working on protecting open space right here in our hometown -- the trails you may walk or ride on, the fields you drive by every day, the woods your children and grandchildren may play in. Please make a generous tax deductible contribution to renew your membership or make CCF even stronger by joining the more than 200 Carlisle residents who supported our efforts last year.

With your help, we will feel a lot less worried about being able to meet the challenges facing Carlisle. Thank you and please read on to learn more about what we are doing to promote conservation in town.


Arthur N Milliken, President
PS. When you make a contribution to CCF, you can be certain that every penny goes into land preservation work. We are a private, non-profit organization entirely run by volunteers. Please contact Art Milliken, 369-9113, for more information.