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December 2003




Dear Friends,

Year after year residents passionately espouse preserving Carlisle’s rural character as a top priority goal for our town. In 2000 the Carlisle Conservation Foundation (CCF) adopted the goal of protecting 1,000 of the 2,000 remaining undeveloped acres in Carlisle, and I am proud to announce that we have made great strides this year.

The Clark Farm conservation restriction (CR) on land between School Street and Concord Road, and the open space protected under the Benfield limited development agreement off West Street near the Acton line total 186 acres. (See accompanying stories.) Protecting both parcels preserves beautiful vistas, important wildlife habitats and adds new walking trails to our town – all without spending a penny of public money!

How did CCF manage this historic accomplishment? It is through the synergy of two forces: 1) the generosity and farsightedness of landowners with a commitment to maintaining Carlisle’s rural heritage, and 2) the tenacity of volunteers who labor, sometimes over a period of many years, to facilitate and realize the saving of open space.

Throughout our history, CCF has worked in partnerships – with the town, other conservation groups, and landowners. We collaborated with the Concord Land Trust to save and enlarge the Estabrook Woods, with our town boards to preserve the O’Rourke Farm, through a joint public/private partnership on the Curve Street Cornfields, and with several town groups to pass the Community Preservation Act. Partnerships will continue to play a pivotal role in saving open space and in achieving the goals of the Carlisle Community Development Plan.

As a volunteer organization with no paid staff, CCF board members contribute countless hours and much business and legal expertise. Their efforts and your financial support make a tremendous leverage effect possible. Whether you make a $50, $150, $500, or $5,000 donation, it is multiplied many times over to encourage the protection of open space. Imagine the development value of the 186 acres preserved this year and what has been saved!

There are significant costs to do this work such as outside legal expenses, land surveys, appraisals, land maintenance, insurance, printing and postage. This year CCF expenses have exceeded donations by $25,000. We’re counting on our Annual Fund, this appeal, to raise $35,000 -- to cover our expenses and have a modest kitty for 2004.

Please show your support for preserving Carlisle’s rural character by sending a tax deductible contribution to CCF; it’s an investment that pays big returns. Every dollar you contribute is put to good use saving open space, maintaining the land we have, monitoring the conservation restrictions deeded to us, providing educational programs for children and adults, and facilitating partnerships.

Without you, none of this work is possible.


Arthur Milliken, President

P. S. This is one of the young visitors at our sheep herding demonstration on Towle Field. Please help us preserve our town’s open spaces for future generations.