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December 2005



December, 2005

Dear Friends,

Since its founding in 1960 CCF has been dedicated to protecting Carlisle's open space and preserving its rural character. Last April at our first ever CCF Board retreat at the New England Forestry Foundation in Littleton, we enthusiastically renewed our commitment to this mission and discussed strategies for its continued implementation.

We're all familiar with the challenges facing Carlisle today:

  • the impact of 40B developments,
  • threats to our water supply,
  • affordable housing obligations,
  • declines in agricultural activity,
  • shrinking wildlife habitat,
  • lack of support for conservation at the state level,
  • fiscal constraints to funding municipal conservation initiatives, and even encroachments on already protected land.

With your help, CCF is in a unique position to counterbalance some of these challenges by working with private landowners and other public and regional entities to protect land and maintain open space.

CCF believes that critical to these efforts is a renewed emphasis on community outreach to foster appreciation and support for land conservation. This means working with the schools to weave conservation into curriculum; communicating with our members around critical conservation issues at the local and state level; collaborating with the Trails Committee to fund trail improvements and encourage more people to explore them; enhancing our website as a conservation resource; and offering community activities and gatherings centered around conservation.
We also have an ongoing responsibility for the land we hold. CCF currently owns
212 acres outright and holds Conservation Restrictions on an additional 178 acres. We have a commitment to maintain and monitor this valuable, protected space in perpetuity.

As an all-volunteer organization, we rely on your support through this Annual Appeal to facilitate the permanent protection of additional open space through legal and surveying assistance, to maintain the land that is already under protection, and to fund our community outreach and education.

CCF needs your new or renewed membership, and we encourage you to consider increasing your tax-deductible contribution to CCF. What better investment can you make in our town? We look forward to your partnership in our conservation efforts and very much appreciate your support.

P.S. For donors contributing $250 or more, CCF Board members will lead a Guided Walk in Estabrook Woods at a date to be arranged.