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How to become a member of CCF  


Many of the open spaces and prettiest landscapes in Carlisle have been made possible by the participation of the Carlisle Conservation Foundation. Among these, the 31-acre Spencer Brook Reservation at the junction of South and West Streets, the 14-acre Poole's Swamp visible from School Street, and the Bates Farm field near Kimball's ice cream are owned by CCF. In other cases, like the Wang Coombs land, CCF acted as facilitator and fund raiser to assist the town's purchase. As development pressures increase, the role of CCF and its support by members becomes more important. What open spaces remain for us to enjoy tomorrow depends on what we resolve to do today.

If you value open space and healthy unspoiled landscapes, please consider becoming a member. Dues are modest and tax deductible contributions to our annual fund are encouraged. As a volunteer organization without paid employees, you can be sure that each dollar goes to conservation.

We have also established a legacy program to provide a means for individuals to support CCF beyond their important contributions to our Annual Appeal. The Spencer Brook Legacy Society honors those who choose to name CCF in their estate plans in order to make a deferred but lasting impact on land preservation in Carlisle. For more details on the Spencer Brook Legacy Society, click here.

We can take donations online via PayPal, Visa or MC, or you may download the application below and forward it to us with your check.

Our address is:

Carlisle Conservation Foundation
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CCF is a 501(c)(3) organization; contributions are deductible under IRS regulations.