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Who We Are
The Carlisle Conservation Foundation was founded in 1960 with the mission of preserving the natural beauty and the rural character of Carlisle. The preserving of open space can be for town recreation, conservation of land, wildlife and forestry corridors or the promotion of responsible development of real estate. The vision of those many years ago has enabled Carlisle to preserve much of its rural feel. A Board of Directors, all residents of Carlisle, heads the Foundation.
What We Do
  The Carlisle Conservation Foundation tries to proactively target and protect those open spaces that are most important to the town. We try to plan in advance and work with land owners of significant or important tracts of land to arrive at a beneficial solution for both the land owner and the town. Sometimes this is done in a very public fashion and involves town meetings, other times the privacy of land owners is paramount.
How We Do it
  With a few dollars for planning, surveying and legal advice, the Conservation Foundation can help landowners protect land that is worth ten-fold+ more. While the Foundation cannot afford to buy land out right, it does bring together parties and a knowledge base of volunteers and professional services to create a "win-win" result which adds to our greenery.
Whom We Serve
  All the citizens of Carlisle and those who visit and recreate in Carlisle or just pass through and take in the views.
How We Pay For What We Do
  The Carlisle Conservation Foundation is a not-for-profit organization funded by the generous donations and dues of members and friends.
Relationship to Other Conservation and Planning Entities in Carlisle
  Open space planning and preservation in Carlisle results from a mixed interaction of Town functions, private organization efforts, and interested citizenry. These include: enforcement of wetland protection statutes by the Town Conservation Commission; subdivision and road-planning supervision by the Town Planning Board; planning assistance and advocacy provided by Carlisle Conservation Foundation; autonomous land stewardship rendered by the Carlisle Land Trust and the Trustees of Reservations. As an independent organization separate from town government, the Carlisle Conservation Foundation advocates, encourages and facilitates open space preservation across diverse constituencies via the widest possible range of land-ownership options from limited development to local, state or federal government purchase.
Where We Are Located
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Carlisle Conservation Foundation
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