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Jack Valentine leading a tour of Still Meadow Farm following the CCF Annual Meeting, held at the Harring’s barn, June 20, 1999. .

East side, West side, All around Carlisle

On the East side of town, the major acquisition programs of the 1994 Open Space and Recreation Plan (OS&R) have been achieved with the transfer of the O’Rourke Farm to the Great Meadows Wildlife Refuge and with the completion of the Estabrook Woods campaign. Permanently restricted open land now extends from Billerica to Concord. On the North side the Wang-Coombs cornfields on Curve ‘Street have been added to the state park and the cranberry bog. On the northwest side we enjoy Carlisle Pines and other conservation land totaling more than 50 acres.

Now it is time for the West side, specifically to “Create a Western Corridor from the Chelmsford border to the Concord line” by providing “...large conservation area in the under-served southwest sector” (OS&R Plan). CCF/CLT is working in partnership with the town and landowners to maintain much of the farmland and undeveloped woodlands in this part of town. CCF will assist owners in placing conservation restrictions on such land and in developing land plans which limit development. Such strategies maximize the amount of land preserved and the value received on parcels sold, while minimizing the taxes on a much appreciated asset.
Barney Arnold