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Your help makes things happen

It is amazing what CCF can do with a few dollars. With CCF seed money for planning and surveys, we have helped Carlisle landowners put Conservation Restrictions (CRs) on property worth hundred of thousands of dollars. One landowner put a permanent restriction on a buildable lot valued at $250,000. While CCF could not afford to buy this land, we provided several thousand dollars up front to help the landowner with the CR process, and our efforts are helping conserve several adjacent pieces as well. Owners will maximize both the tax benefits from the donation of CRs and the number of acres saved. This happy “win-win” result encourages the owners of other sizable pieces to add to a growing green belt in town.

Taking quick action

Most of the 147 land trusts in Massachusetts raise money project by project. Though we are forever grateful for the support received for the Estabrook Woods and Wang-Coombs projects, we could be even more effective if we had some ready money in the bank to respond quickly to opportunities. In an entrepreneurial age, even non-profits need to move fast. In addition, some of these opportunities need to be kept private while the landowner considers options and negotiates among family members.
The CCF/CLT Annual Fund goal is $45,000, which can be leveraged to permanently protect land worth millions of dollars. With your help, we can make it happen.
Art Milliken