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A Great day for Carlisle

O’Rourke ribbon cutting
completes a two year saga

In September 1997 the Carlisle Land Trust voted to assume the right of first refusal on the O’Rourke Farm and to commit a $15,000 deposit. The town took over this role and voters approved the purchase by the end of the year. CCF/CLT stayed involved in the process which culminated in the transfer of the land to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Board member Greg Peterson acted as liaison between the O’Rourkes, the town, the Fish and Wildlife Service, Kennedy’s and Meehan’s offices and the Trust for Public Land which encouraged Republican support. CCF/CLT covered several thousand dollars of out of pocket expenses and again acted as a trusted broker and catalyst, salting the process with many volunteer hours and a few dollars, to bring about a result we can enjoy forever.

Growing Pains

Does growth from new construction cost a town more than it receives in taxes? The Land Preservation subcommittee of CCF felt that an are to this question would help the town plan for growth and estal long term priorities. Growing Pains, an exhaustive study conducte Beth Hambleton, Nancy Pierce and John Ballentine found that: “the of growth becomes a deficit with a new school and a full time fire department” That is, growing beyond a certain point will cost more than the revenues received from each new house. The authors recomr investigating “multiple means to slow the rate of growth in school population” caused by new development, which includes “making strategic land purchases and encouraging conservation restrictic roles that CCF traditionally plays.

1999 Financial Report

In the first eleven months of 1999, the Carlisle Conserva Foundation has received donations and dues of $74,159 and ear interest income of $3,034. Gifts of $39,285 were designated for us protecting the Wang-Coombs Land. $7,950 was designated for adc land to the Great Brook State Park. Year to date expenses in 1999 $81,757. CCF incurred expenses of $51,502 to protect the Wang-Coombs cornfields which were fully covered by designated gift 1998 and 1999. Other engineering and legal fees related to obtaining land and conservation restrictions were $8,576. Land purch were $7,500 and Malcomb handicapped trail construction fees v $5,000. A complete financial statement is available
Fontaine K. Richardson, Treasurer.