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Canada Geese enjoy the now-preserved Wang Coombs fields.
Photo by Midge Eliassen

A greater Great Brook

After discussions with the Carlisle Conservation Foundation and the staff of the Great Brook Farm State Park, Tom and Tamara Erickson of neighboring Black Brook Farm have agreed to sell two easily developable house lots, totaling 8.5 acres, to the State Park for the bargain sale price of $300,000, which is less than half of the property’s market value.

The two parcels are highly visible from the southern cornfield of the State Park and development of these lots would seriously harm vistas from the popular Pine Point Loop Trail. With frontage on Lowell Street this property will provide an important link across the road to the sizable area of the State Park located South of Curve Street and behind the Division Headquarters on Lowell Street.
The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management has pledged $200,000 to this acquisition, in the expectation that private donors will fund the balance. The Carlisle Conservation Foundation has joined with a major donor to provide a grant of $50,000 to be matched by private contributions. The Old North Bridge Hunt club and the New England Mountain Bike Association have already pledged their support.
The Carlisle Conservation Foundation is pleased to participate in this important extension of Great Brook State Park. In effect over $750,000 worth of land will be preserved. We are extraordinarily grateful to the major donor who made the challenge grant possible and to each contributor who participates.
Margie Mindlay