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December 2011

Year in Review

ButtonDear Friends,

Your past generous support of the Carlisle Conservation Foundation has helped us pursue our mission of preserving land for open space and wildlife habitat.  It has been a busy year for conservation efforts in Carlisle.  I’d like to summarize some of the highlights for you here.

Wildlife Viewing Platform

Led by the Trails Committee and funded by CCF, an all-volunteer force completed construction on the viewing platform project at the Benfield Land adjacent to Spencer Brook. The 85-foot boardwalk extending to the 10’ by 18’ elliptical platform permits unmatched wildlife observation and photography opportunities for nature appreciation and education.

Benfield Platform
COMPLETED BENFIELD PLATFORM Above left, looking left or northeast from the platform along the Spencer Brook. Right, looking back towards the Benfield land from the platform.

Building Conservation Communities

For the sixth year CCF has sponsored an initiative in the Carlisle Public Schools called Building Conservation Communities where an environmental curriculum for the fourth grade delivers hands-on field instruction at the Conant Land through collaboration with Mass Audubon/Drumlin Farm. CCF also sponsors a popular program in the fifth grade to raise and release endangered Blanding’s turtles. With your support, we hope to continue helping our school children connect with the wonders just beyond their own back yards. 

FUTURE LAND STEWARDS Left, CCF boartd president Steve Tobin shows animal skins to fourth grade students on the Conant Land. Right, Fifth graders with Blanding's turtles they have raised, ready to be released into the wild..

Bringing Nature Home

As part of an expanded outreach effort to foster a public awareness of our natural world and its many facets, CCF in conjunction with the Susan Zielinski Natural Science Fund, Gleason Public Library, Carlisle Garden Club, and Carlisle Conservation Commission sponsored a lecture entitled “How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants” by Douglas W. Tallamy. Dr. Tallamy, a noted lecturer, presented a well-researched and engaging case for protecting our “wild” places and preserving our nation’s biodiversity. Making the case that the link between native plants and native wildlife is important for human well-being, he outlined what we can do to increase biodiversity in our own back yards. This year, CCF began offering a series of local bird walks with new board member Alan Ankers, aimed at both beginner and experienced birders.

Doug Tallamy
AN EVENING WITH DOUG TALLAMY Left, grahics from the promotional meterials for the well-attended lecture by Doug Tallamy. Right, Dr. Tallamy (with CCF board member Sally Swift) holds up his book, Bringing Nature Home.

Establishing Pagey's Preserve

This year, along with the Sudbury Valley Trustees, CCF has launched a special fundraising campaign to purchase a truly unique conservation property in Carlisle.  In our recent town-wide mailing, we explained that CCF has been offered the extraordinary opportunity to permanently preserve a portion of the former Rachel Page Elliott farmstead—9 acres of exquisite woodlands with 1,000 feet of frontage on the Concord River. To take advantage of this generous offer, the CCF board has set an ambitious fundraising goal of $50,000 for the upcoming year.

Pagey's Preserve
PAGEY'S PRESERVE The spectacular view of the bluff of Pagey's Preserve, seen looking south up the Concord River in summer and winter, from the Route 225 bridge at the Bedford/Carlisle line.

We are grateful to our devoted members who have already pledged a substantial amount in private donations to make the creation of the Mark and Rachel Page Elliott River Preserve a reality. We also want to acknowledge the support of the Carlisle Conservation Commission and the Wild and Scenic River Stewardship Council, who have pledged funds towards this purchase. We look forward to protecting this high-conservation-value property for Carlisle residents and future generations.

With appreciation,
Steve Tobin
Steve Tobin, President

We appreciate your support.

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Board members: Alan Ankers, Barney Arnold, Liz Carpenter, Wayne Davis, Marjie Findlay, David Freedman, Peg Gladstone, Heidi Harring, Steve Hinton, Lori Jiménez, Jamie Klickstein, Lynn Knight, Jay Luby, Greg Peterson, Scott Simpson, Steve Spang, Sally Swift, Steve Tobin

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