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Reception at Carlisle Artisans on Sat., Sept. 23rd, 3 to 5
CCF was selected by the Carlisle Artisans to receive 10 percent of every sale made at their shop in the center of Carlisle (directly across from Fern's) during the months of July, August and September, 2017. The Artisans have an ongoing program to dedicate 10 percent of their sales to a Carlisle nonprofit organization each quarter. This is made possible through the generosity of Peg Rollins of Rollins Insurance, who invited the Carlisle Artisans to establish a gallery rent free.

The Carlisle Artisans is a nonprofit cooperative of local artists and craftsmen. Visit the shop and help support the work of the Carlisle Conservation Foundation AND the artisans in your community.

There will be a reception at the Gallery on Saturday, Sept. 23, 3 – 5 to celebrate the fall and all that we have to be thankful for. Please join members of CCF and the Artisans for light refreshments and conversation.


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