Marjie FindlayAt the Annual Meeting, CCF Vice President Wayne Davis thanks departing Board member Marjie Findlay for her 30 years of dedicated service.

CCF 2017 Year in Review


CCF provided one-third of the purchase price of the two right-of-first-refusal Maple Street lots of the land historically known as the Woodward Land. This $250,000 investment by CCF in open space protection in Carlisle represents well more than half of CCF's cash reserves.

Going forward, CCF will be able to achieve successes such as the Woodward project only if we have the financial resources to support them. If you believe in sensible land planning and the preservation of the farmlands, wetlands and woodlands that make Carlisle the town we love, please make a generous tax-deductible contribution during this special annual appeal.

In addition to direct contributions of cash, CCF welcomes donations of appreciated securities and works with donors on estate planning options and multi-year pledges.


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