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# Land Name Location Acres Protection* CR Sheet-lot(s)  
      A B C D    
1 Benfield Parcel A off South Street 25.7 x   no Map 5:7-4  
  (CPA acquisition-CR required, but not done yet)      
2 Bisbee Land Lowell Street 34 x x   no Map 4:24A-0  
3 Buttrick Woods Open Space Lowell Street 14 x x   yes Map 4:20A  
4 Carr Land off Bellows Hill Road 6.1 x x   yes Map 2:12  
5 Cranberry Bog Curve Street 151 x x   no Map 30:2; Map 31:15  
6 Davis Corridor Bedford Road to 126 x x x   yes Map2:1,2A,5,6,7,8,10-X;  
    Estabrook Woods   Map 9: 15,26  
7 Deacon Land off Baldwin Road 7.5 x x   yes Map 2:13-0. Map 9:38A, 38B
8 Fisk Meadow off Lowell St. 11.6 x x   no Map 27:60  
9 Foss Farm Bedford Road 57 x x x x no Map 11:5  
  (55.2 ac on Assessors'maps)      
10 Fox Hill Bedford Rd./Stearns St. 11.2 x x   no Map 14:9-17  
11 Gage Woodland off Lowell St./Ember 14 x   no Map 31:2  
12 Great Brook Open Space A off Rutland Street 3.67   no Map 26:18G  
13 Great Brook Open Space B off Rutland Street 2.05   no Map 26:18H  
  (not Town Owned)        
14 Greenough Land Maple Street 242 x x x x no Map 12:2; Map 13:87  
  (255ac on assessors' maps)   Map 24:3  
15 Hart Farm off Curve Street 13.5 x x   no Map 28:12Y  
16 Heidke Parcel adj. to Town Forest 8.19 x x   no Map 24:28  
17 Hutchins Field Curve Street 16 x x x   APR Map 28:2  
18 Ice Pond Parcel adj. to Great Brook 7.5 x x   yes Map 26:6K  
    Farm State Park      
19 Macone Property off Brook Street 3 x x   no Map 13:8  
20 MacAfee Land adj. to Great Brook 15 x x   no Map 29:4  
    Farm State Park/      
    Carlisle Pines      
21 Malcolm Land Stearns Street 23 x x x   no Map 9:25,27,28  
22 Mannis Land off Aldershot Lane 28 x x   no Map 36:22,37,38,39  
23 Robbins Field Curve Street 18.5 x x x   APR Map 28:8A,9A,10A  
24 Rockstrom Land off School Street 7.55 x x   yes Map2:14-4  
25 Sachs Greenway off Baldwin Road 9.3 x x   yes Map 2:10-9;  Map 2-10X  
26 Swanson Land off Curve Street 20 x x   no Map 28:9  
27 Swanson Family Land Tall Pines Lot 10 3 x x     no  Map 29:6-10  
28 Towle Land Westford Street 112 x x x x no Map 15:23,24,25,45  
29 Town Forest East Street 78 x   no Map 23:66  
  Total Acres   1068          
  *"Protection"- Properties subject to permanent protected because:    
     A- Acquired by vote of Town Meeting and permanently protected under Article 97 of the Massachusetts
         Constitution (and voted by Town Meeting to be managed by the Conservation Commission).  
     B- Acquired for conservation under MGL Ch 40 s.8C, or created as open-space through the Carlisle
         Conservation Bylaw, or by gift.  
     C- Acquired with Commonwealth of Massacusetts Self-help funds (or with state APR funds).  
     D- Acquired with Commonwealth Self-help funds and the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund.
  (APR= Agricultrual Preservation Restriction)